Working off hours

The SV official opening hours are from 07.00 to 19.00. Outside of the official opening hours or during week-ends (including official holidays), additional rules apply:
– Announce your presence to the PCC (phone 34000) when working alone.
– Respect the official rest areas when performing long-term or overnight experiments.
– Obligation to carry the “Man down alarm system” when working alone in restricted area (C-lab, P2, P3, histology core facility, flow cytometry core facility, proteomics core facility, etc.).

Icone PDF Rules for “off-hour” work in SV laboratories (0.1Mo)

“Man-down alarm system”

The “Man‐Down alarm system” (DATI in French for « Dispositif de surveillance du travailleur isolé ») alerts the PCC when the person wearing the device:
– is unconscious (due to a fall or a sudden faintness);
– needs immediate assistance.

More information on this system:  
Icone PDF Instructions for « Man‐Down alarm system» – SV (0.2Mo)
Icone PDF Instructions for « Man‐Down alarm system» – AI (0.2Mo)