Labelling of chemical solution

All vessels containing a chemical product or a chemical solution or chemical mixture must be properly labelled.

Products in the original container

The label must be completed with two additional information:

a.      Date of reception of the product

b.      Date of first opening of the container.

Products transferred into different containers, stock and working solutions, buffers, synthesis products

a.      The label must indicate the following information:

b.      Complete name of the product (please, no abbreviation) or composition of the solution or of the mixture

c.      For hazardous product, the proper hazard pictogram (flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, dangerous for the environment, CMR)

d.      The date of the preparation

e.      The name of the person who prepared the mixture or the solution

For your convenience, the SCC prepared formatted templates in word ready to be printed on Avery multipurpose labels. Avery labels were selected because of their strong adhesive potential on various surfaces.


Labels for the identification of chemical products or chemical solutions

Avery 3427         8 labels per page

Avery 3653         14 labels per page

Avery 3652         21 labels per page

Avery 3651         40 labels per page

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