Chemical waste in SV/AI

The chemical waste rooom in AI 01 is opened every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY from 10.30 to 11.30.

The catchword is “Selective sorting”. The elimination of chemical waste is subjected to the “OMoD” (Ordinance on the movement of waste).

The OMod defines waste categories. By using the “Decision tree for the management of chemical waste” (see below), it is possible to categorize the waste and to allocate the correct OMoD code.
More detailed and practical information can be found in:

Keep in mind that a chemical waste product remains a chemical:

  •  Be aware of incompatibilities
  •  Products with the same OMoD code are not necessarly compatible
  •  Be environmentally friendly (no hazardous chemical product down the drain)
  •  Use adequate containers
  •  …

Chemical waste delivered to the store room must be clearly identified with the correct OMod code, the waste category, the name of the chemical product (for individual product) and the producer.

  • Use the available labels (see below) or prepare one from the empty template.

Labels for identification of waste