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The SV-BS team welcomes you on the Safety site of the School of life sciences.

Health & Safety are discrete but crucial players in the set-up of an enjoyable and productive work environment.

To help you to be and to feel safe at work, we have prepared the following pages and links, which will provide you with the various Health and Safety directives and rules in place at EPFL and with the specific procedures of the Faculty SV.

Safety Vademecum at the School of Life Sciences

The SV safety vademecum is a leaflet guiding you through the various safety rules in place at the school of life sciences. You can download the document by clicking on the banner below:

Safety Vademecum English

Each collaborator (including administrative or technical staff), Ph.D. student, Master student, accredited visitor or external collaborator must read it and sign it.
A copy of the first page of the Safety Vademecum must be sent to School safety coordinator by internal mail or by email.
The original signed document must be kept by the collaborator and should be presented on request during audits and safety controls.

By signing the document, the collaborator agrees to abide by the SV Faculty safety rules and guidelines.

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